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I don’t really know what to say. Or how to say it. I guess I should start at the beginning. That’s always a good place to start. I’ve witnessed some rather ugly stuff in our little cake community lately and it makes me feel sad. And I’m not sure what to do about it. I came to love cake & … Read More

So, one day, I went to Denver…

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Sculpting Buttercream Tutorial

And filmed a tutorial for Avalon’s Cake School!!! Well, let me go back a bit… Back in 2014, on Food Network’s Halloween Wars, Season Five, I met this mega-talented and super-rad chick named Becky Wortman who showed me how to sculpt with buttercream. Since then, I’ve worked with my friend Becky on her Angel and the Lion 500+ pound buttercream sculpture at OSSAS 2015. … Read More

Cake Show Virgin: Teaching My First Class

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My name in lights/scrolling digital media!

If you happened to read my last blog post, you know that I attended my first cake show back in February. Austin’s That Takes The Cake! was pretty freakin’ AWESOME. After that, things kinda started rolling fast for me. I have this little quote that I try to live by: You don’t get what you don’t ask for. I wanted … Read More

Degas’ Little Ballerina, Cake Competitions & Me

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Showpiece cake made by Renay Zamora of Sweetface Cakes, Nashville, TN

For the past, oh, seven years as a cake decorator/artist, I’ve enjoyed the process of seeing art take form, starting out as ordinary ingredients and creating a piece of edible art. It’s creatively fulfilling on many levels, knowing that I can do that. One thing I’ve never done over the past seven years is attend a cake show or enter a cake competition. … Read More

FWIW: Styled Shoots – What They Are, How To Get Involved & The Do’s & Don’ts

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Living in Nashville, I’ve had the pleasure to work with some wonderful people in the events industry. Creating custom cakes has afforded me the opportunity to make lasting friendships and I’m grateful to know so many amazing movers and shakers in our city. When I started out, about a year into being an (air quotes) “official” cake artist, I joined ranks … Read More

Princess & the Pea Video – Thank You!!!

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Thank you so much for watching my tutorial series. It means a great deal to me that so many of you have also stopped by my Facebook page and commented on the posts. Thank you! If you’ve made this cake, or a cake that you designed using techniques that shown in these videos, please share it so I can see & share … Read More

Princess & the Pea Tutorial, Week Nine: Making the Canopy

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Happy Wednesday to you all! Here we are, Week Nine. I can’t believe how fast time has flown…  This is the last video and I hope that you’ve been enjoying this series and getting some good & usable info from it. In my experience, many times when I watch or purchase tutorials, I already having an understanding of how similar techniques are … Read More

Princess & the Pea Cake Tutorial, Week Seven: Making the Edible Fabric

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Well, hello Wednesday! This week’s video is Number Seven: Making the Edible Fabric. This tutorial is based on a rice paper method used by Nadia at Chokolate (to see how she creates figurines and rice paper dresses, visit her site and purchase her tutorials. They are AMAZING!). I decided to try a stencil technique to create the Damask velvet burn-out look from my inspiration picture by Pat Brennan for the … Read More